This is a shorter Transformation compared with some of the others we’ve done.

Gunny came to us as a nice young Belgian Malinois who had lots of potential. But he was a touch twitchy. Always wanting to jump, nip, snap, things like that which are common to Malinois.

In this video we focus on and talk a lot about off leash obedience. In fact, within the first few minutes you can see Joe pull out a masterpiece and start getting off leash control within a few minutes of starting the session.

But the reason off leash obedience is so important is because off leash obedience requires a lot of self control on the part of the dog.

When a dog learns self control, that combats twitchiness. They’re two opposing forces that don’t exist at the same time in the same place.

If you’re dealing with this same type of twitchiness, hectic mindset, unused drive, etc in your dog, you’ll often find off leash obedience to be very helpful.

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