Ducks and Retrievers: A majestic look into the world of waterfowlers, their dogs, and the great outdoors.

It began last winter around the holidays. We had discussed the aspect of one day creating a piece about our appreciation of the relationship between man and dog. Taking advantage of the present season, we hit the field.

Shot completely locally, with our friends, family, and their dogs, we attempted to capture what we see and feel on a typical morning duck hunt. The anticipation, the peacefulness, the excitement, and the elation and satisfaction of having all things come together. The premise however, is that all this is viewed from the perspective of the dog.

Man and Dog

How does our dogs see it? We lead complicated lives, they don’t. While we’re struggling to keep up with busy schedules and lateral priorities, they’re not. They have no concept of multitasks and their only concept of time is nothing more than day and night. They have one job, to retrieve. They are made for the sole purpose of carrying out a simply task of performing work for their master. And when I say made, I’m referring to their sole purpose in life. To be able to carry this out brings your dog complete and total fulfillment in life. “Why am I here?” they say. “Oh yeah, to retrieve ducks for my master.” We are their master, the person who provides all of their needs and creates the opportunity for them to carry out their life’s mission. We often take for granted the bond that can exist between man and dog. Obviously, it’s not just for retrievers, but anyone with a hunting dog or working dog can take part in this humble privilege.

A Duck Dogs Life

For most of us, duck hunting is 90% preparation. We spend an enormous amount of time seeking out the proper gear, countless late nights in the garage going through last year’s decoys, practicing our duck calls in the truck on the way to work every day, and who knows how much time on the boat blind or building platforms on the water. However, nothing compares the amount of time we spend with our retriever. It’s not just the “school” training we put them through day in and day out. The “bonding” time we spend just by playing in the yard or riding in the truck or taking a walk. The simple task of having your dog “sit” and “stay” on the hardwood floor vs laying the furniture is just as much preparation for duck season as anything else. Just about every day of your dog’s life comes down to that one single moment when he becomes an extension of his master, reading your mind, connecting with a single purpose, in order just to bring back a duck. It’s no wonder they jump head first into ice cold, muddy water, brave high seas and swift currents- it’s what they were born to do.

It’s What We Do

At Sporting Dog Pro we sell hunting dog supplies. It pays the bills. But within this we also aim to promote and inspire others to become part of the outdoors and experience the fullest potential from their dog hunting partner. We hope you enjoy Ducks and Retrievers.

(Since 1982, our family has been hunting with and training dogs in the field and at home. Sporting Dog Pro is a family owned and operated hunting dog supplies company based in beautiful North Carolina. We are knowledgeable dog enthusiasts who utilize the products and supplies we sell and make it our priority to service our customers and support the sporting dog community. We sell top dog training e-collar brands like SportDOG, Garmin, DT Systems, Dogtra, PetSafe, Mendota, and Zinger Winger.)

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