UPDATE 6/19/2016 I bought a second set of the collar/remote and it works MUCH better than the set I tested. Maybe the manufacturer cracked down on defects. This same exact collar is being marketed under MANY different brand names so look for a cheap set…

Cujo Control Best Dog Training Collar With Remote-16 Levels Shock & Vibration

This collar is for one-on-one (or maybe two) training with the trainer always supervising. There is no auto-pilot. This collar system can be used by a good trainer to create the illusion of an electric fence by watching your dog out the window and as they get to far beep/vibrate and then shock if necessary. The same deal with barking, some collars can react to decibel levels or other triggers and automatically stimulate the collar. With this collar YOU would need to react when the dog starts barking. You can ‘set up’ these scenarios by having neighbors walk by, etc…

I have used electric training collars in the past, primarily when I lived on a farm and I had collars where you would set your transmitter at the center and the ‘safe’ diameter you wanted was obtained by using a dial on the transmitter. Before I started using electric collars I had my first dog follow my car out onto the highway and died when it got hit by a car. That’s when I decided to ignore the ethical qualms concerning these collars. True, my dogs did get shocked a few times at the very beginning but they were always safe and nearby and they knew that when I took the collars off we were going on a hike, etc… Most of these collars use three stages, first a beep and then a vibration and then a shock.

Their are instructions on conditioning several different behaviors in the manual.

The fact that this uses AAA batteries, both in the collar and transmitter is a VERY nice feature. I’ve had to buy proprietary button batteries in the past, and while they usually lasted 3-6 months they were an added expense (8-15 dollars each).

The primary function this is intended for is manual training. This collar can not be used in the ‘always-on’ style of electric fence or bark control..

I tested the unit inside, it was very easy to pair, but you will have to read the instructions which are very good. There are sections on the equipment and on various training strategies. The product is also pretty ruggedly built and the different size studs are nice for dogs with different fur and skin thicknesses.


1) The remote comes set at level 16 (the highest), which if you used on your pet might set them on fire (just kidding), considering when I tried it on myself at level 3 it was more than enough to condition me to never try it… above level 3. Animals have thick fur, dense/folded skin and fat around there necks and I’m sure the level varies by breed and individual animal. If you are using the ‘shock’ setting I suggest you start at level 2, as I tried level 1 and didn’t feel anything.

2) As you can see in the video and over the time I tested the collar that there is sometimes a lag up to 4 seconds between the button being pushed and the result. As any dog trainer will tell you an IMMEDIATE stimulus is always best, that is why ‘clicker’ training is so effective — the dog gets immediate and consistent feedback without treats or verbal instruction which both have time lag. Dogs live in the moment and they need instant feedback. It also seemed, as you can see in the video that the consistency of the collar dropped when I set it to level 16, sometimes not activating at all. At 330 yards, which is what the manufacturer claims, I doubt it will perform better than at 4 inches (I also tested it at 15 feet with similar results).

I would recommend they add a bark control feature to give the product more flexibility…

***I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.***

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