D.T. Systems is proud to announce the new Canine Coach 360 (CC 360) dog training collar under their line of PetPal dog obedience training products. The CC 360 is perfect for home, neighborhood, park, and family outings. The new Canine Coach 360 home obedience trainer is the perfect answer to your dog training needs.

The Canine Coach 360 e-collar trainer allows you to teach a command, and enforce that command with a stimulus to remind the dog of what to do and when, at the press of a button.

The CC 360 boasts a 360-yard range in a compact e-collar. The transmitter uses a 9v battery and features a simple two button operation. The “Cont.” continuous button offers up to 8 seconds of Gentle Touch Stimulation. There are 16 levels of adjustable stimulation that can be easily customized to suit your dog. The “Beep” button Training Tone option gives users a no-shock alternative training stimulus.

The collar features a quick snap buckle for easy on and off, and adjusts from 7” to 27”. The collar is waterproof, and also features our Quick Charge Plus system for rapid 2.5 hour recharging.

When used in conjunction with a proper dog training program, the Canine Coach 360 will have your dog following obedience commands like a pro. A well trained dog will make your and your dog’s life safer, easier, and happier. Enjoy 360 degrees of dog training freedom with the Canine Coach 360.

For more information on the Canine Coach 360 visit www.dtsystems.com.

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