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Are prong collars safe for dogs and safe to use on puppies? Well the simple answer is NO!

Anyone who tells you that you need to use a prong collar or choke chain to train your dog is giving you very outdated advice.

Not only do choke chains and prong collars cause physical harm to dogs, but they cause a lot of mental harm as well.

And here is the biggest problem with these devices – THEY DON’T TRAIN YOUR DOG! All they do is simply mask the underlying problem, and in many cases make it worse.

Commons Myths And Statements About Prong Collars And Shock Collars

“Prong collars don’t hurt dogs.”Are Prong Collars Dangerous

Did you know that the top layer of skin on a human neck is 10-15 cells thick while a dog’s skin layer is only 3 – 5 cells thick? That’s right, a dogs neck is more sensitive than our own!

“Prong collars and choke chains don’t cause injuries”

Studies have shown repeatedly the physical harm these devices causes, particularly to the thyroid gland.

The thyroid gland is at the base of the dogs neck where the collars sit, and just one bad pull can cause it to become inflamed.

When the thyroid gland becomes inflamed, the dogs immune system tries to remove the inflamed thyroid cells.

Those cells being destroyed then leads to hypothyroidism which can cause:

Weight Gain
Loss Of Energy
Skin Problems
Ear Infections
Organ Failure

Using these types of collars also can put a lot of pressure on the dogs facial area, most notably the eyes. Studies have shown these devices can lead to eye injuries!

We all know veterinarian bills are not cheap – why would you anyone purposely choose to do something that jeopardizes their dogs health?

“A dog on a prong collar isn’t in pain because he is quiet”

Dogs do not tell us when they are in pain. In fact, dogs are EXPERTS at hiding pain. By the time a dog is showing visible signs of pain, or vocalizing, on a scale of 1 – 10 he is already at a 9 or 10.

Just because a dog isn’t yelping on his walk does NOT mean he isn’t in pain.

“You just need to know how to use a prong collar correctly”

There is no correct way to hurt a dog – because that is what you do when you use a prong collar.

A prong collar is a form of positive punishment.

Positive punishment has to hurt or else it isn’t positive punishment.

And considering it has been proven OVER and OVER that positive reinforcement will beat out positive punishment every single time, there is no reason to use a prong collar.

At the end of the day, there is NO REASON for Prong Collars when there are more effective and safer methods!

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