Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer Program student Shaunee tells the story of Sadie, a puppy mill rescue with fear and socialization issues. Watch how Shaunee helps Sadie grow from scared and cowering to an outgoing, exuberant and confident dog.

Shaunee tells how ABC is teaching her the skills for this successful rehabilitation. For telling her story so well, Shaunee is a co-winner of our Dog Trainer Video Success Story Contest and will receive a continuing education program of her choice. Congratulations, Shaunee!

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  1. Chrisy S

    September 23, 2018 at 9:20 pm

    hi, i am going to be going to ABC in january to be a dog trainer. how was your class and how did you start and finish the course. I hope it will be easy enough where i pass and get certified and not have to take it again.Thats the only thing that worries me.


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