Hello everybody my name is Morrissey and Im a purebred Catahoula Leopard Dog. I currently live in Sunny San Diego, California but was born along the outskirts of a small New Mexico town called Clovis. I was the first pick of the litter at only 1 month old, and as soon 8 weeks came along my Dad and I said goodbye to New Mexico. Now here in California, we are ready to show the world how much we can learn as a team and with high hopes in the future compete in various shows and competitions, learn service tasks, protection training, and learn how to be the best companion a family can ask for.
Heres what we have learned in one month training together as a team since coming back home. We are not professionals and this video is to motivate those who want to create a greater bond and learn how to train. This is not a training video but merely the start of many progression videos to show that if we can do this then you can to!!!! We are not professionals, but hope to be someday, this video will demonstrate that Im learning how to SIT, STAY, HEEL, LAY DOWN, SHAKE, AND SPIN at 1 month of daily consistent training with verbal commands and hand gestures. I hope you enjoy

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